Maintenance Tips

1. Service heat & A/C system once a year.

2. Change the filters in your heat & a/c system once a month.

3. Drain hot water heater once a year.

4. Don’t leave light sockets without bulbs.

5. Periodically run a pitcher of ice cubes through garbage disposal to sharpen blades.

6. Replace dripping faucets immediately to conserve water.

7. Don’t allow toilet tanks to drip – replace ball-cock assembly.

8. Check weather stripping around doors for air leaks.

9. Visually look at roof after high winds to detect loose shingles.

10. Visually look around outside roof line to find holes where animals might enter.

11. Check batteries in smoke detectors monthly/replace annually.

12. Hose water around foundation during dry periods to prevent cracking or shifting.